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Unlike most spirits, Topper?s is family owned and operated by the Dabouls and Kings. Topper and Melanie Daboul live on St. Maarten where they own Topper?s Restaurant. Melanie, a working mother of two young children, started creating and perfecting gourmet flavored rhums in her home kitchen. Soon, they began giving complimentary after dinner drinks to their restaurant?s guests, who fell in love with her recipes. They quickly went from fulfilling individual requests to producing a supply for local restaurants and stores. Early in 2012 a discussion with their good friends Mike and Thelma King led to the formation of a partnership. Their vision was to build a distillery so that Topper?s Rhum could be shared throughout the world. When you taste Topper?s Rhum, we hope that you?ll become a special part of our family, one that is dedicated to celebrating the lives of friends and family.

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