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Pisa Liqueur 750ml

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Liquore Pisa was born long ago from a domain steeped in history, rich in flavour and character. Its flavours come from a distant past, a history of intrigues of the renaissance. Therefore Liquore Pisa is aged and wise and imparts the feel of another world. Bottled since the beginning in Italy at 2 real Italian family owned companies, Franciacorta which exists since 1901 and Torino Distillati.

One of Europe?æäÌÝÌÒ?ÌÎÌÓ?s first birthplaces of taste and culture and also the cradle of modern European culture, containing treasures of every age and style, from the Etruscan theater at Fiesole, to the majestic Gothic buildings of Siena, to the exceptional art and architecture of Florence.

Peaceful landscape with primarily rolling hills, with vineyards, olive groves, nut trees in the picturesque folds of the country side and hilltop villages all bathed in a soft, amber light. A welcoming romantic climate, warm days and balmy nights. Known for its delicious food and fine ingredients. The heritage of Liquore Pisa.