Larressingle Armagnac X.O. 86@ 750ml

Larressingle Armagnac X.O. [email protected] 750ml

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Larressingle X.O. Grande R_serve Armagnac is produced from a cross-vintage blend of distillates of at least 15 to 20 years of age or more, as opposed to the legal minimum of five. Armagnacs are selected exclusively from wines produced in the T_na?ze and Bas-Armagnac districts, with those from T_nar?ze predominant. Smaller proportions of very old brandies from the Bas-Armagnac lend mellowness and richness to the finished spirit. The result is a complex, virile and long-lived Armagnac that is nevertheless very elegant and refined on the palate, with a subtle, smoky bouquet hinting of prunes and hazelnuts and a smooth, lasting finish. Forty-three percent alcohol by volume (86 proof).