Espirito Cachaca Xvi Dourado 750ml

Espirito Cachaca Xvi Dourado 750ml

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28 DIFFERENT TYPES OF TIMBER can be used to age cachaca, giving it nearly limitless potential for innovation while adding character and complexity to a spirit already known for its remarkable versatility.

COMPLEXITY AND CHARACTER are two of the most important attributes gained by a spirit when it?æäÌÝÌÒ?ÌÎÌÓ?s introduced to the aging process and Espirito XVI Dourado is an exquisite example of why this time consuming process is worth the wait.

A DENSE AND DEEP-RED HEARTWOOD has gained the Brazilian Balsamo tree a reputation for being difficult to work with, but the rich golden hue and complexity of flavor bestowed by its beautiful color and naturally aromatic oils more than justify the extra effort.

AGED FOR UP TO TWO YEARS in timber harvested from the Brazilian Balsamo, Espirito XVI Dourado embodies the most desirable characteristics of this exotic wood.

HAND SELECTED staves of Brazilian Balsamo wood impart notes of caramel and honey that are perfectly balanced by the clean, smooth finish for which Espirito XVI Classico Cachaca - the foundation of this aged spirit - is so fondly known.

HIGHER PROOF than most aged cachacas, Espirito XVI Dourado allows for the full breadth and depth of its complexity to be enjoyed.