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Coppersea Raw Rye 750ml

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New York Raw Rye was the first release from Coppersea Distilling, a farm distillery in New York?æäÌÝÌÒ?ÌÎÌÓ?s Hudson Valley. It is a premier unaged whisky with depth of character and unexpected richness. One-hundred fifty years ago, Raw Rye would have been called ?æäÌÝÌÒ?‰ۡó»_‰ۡó»?whisky?æäÌÝÌÒ?‰Û_? in any bar in upstate New York.
New York Raw Rye was designed to be enjoyed unaged, and does not serve as a base for any of Coppersea?æäÌÝÌÒ?ÌÎÌÓ?s aged expressions. Coppersea does not use industrial enzymes that make working with rye easier. The natural process of wild yeast fermentation imbues the mash with local terroir. Sour mashing creates a consistent base, and direct-fired distillation provides a complexity unprecedented in an unaged spirit. Each sip reveals a sense of place, making it a true spirit of distinction.Heritage-Methods Distilling